Film of the Moment: Raw


So, as no surprise to no one I am a Horror Junkie – hence I decided to check out what many are calling ‘The Best Horror Movie of 2017’. To me this title is in no way premature or undeserved, it’s one of the few movies that have made me flinch and yup, this film contains a lot of flesh eating…


But, aside from it’s reputation as the film that made audiences at it’s Cannes debut faint, it’s also incredibly stylish. The obvious inspiration of the French extreme horror movies of the 21st Century are framed by a visceral beauty the former never achieved, with cinematography that is more Lynchian than straight-up slasher.


I could never decide if I want to turn away in horror or stare at the framing of these shots. but look aside the plot is brilliant and the ending genuinely left me shocked. So yeah, just go see this, I promise you’re in for a thrill ride that bites.


L Xx


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